Coffee Shop Review #7 The Wydown Coffee Bar

Still catching up on coffee shops, back in DC and categories out of 5.

Location-5(‘Lil Brooklyn/U Street continues to be the apple of my eye and with the discovery of a host of new vintage and housewares stores it will continue to draw me back. Grab a coffee at They Wydown and take a lovely stroll down 14th Street to see a plethora of even more interesting shops and galleries).

Barista Cuteness-4.5(Baristas are attractive but definitely a little hit and miss with friendliness).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-4.5(I am still looking for a cafe that serves a Florentine, my secretly coveted drink that I have also heard called “a poor man’s Mocha” because it is chocolate steamed with drip coffee rather than espresso but I prefer it to a Mocha myself. I saw great promise at The Wydown but alas, no Florentine for me. I have gotten a very splendid cappuccino and an Intellegencia Ethiopian pour over which was slightly bitter for my taste).

Ambiance-5(The Wydown is an awesome place to do work or hang out with friends and has a great atmosphere. Two long, beautiful wooden tables flanked with either benches or chairs provide the feeling that you are at a buzzing Bohemian Biergarten. The Wydown is, essentially, a large, open, rectangular box so there are no funky corners and light streams in from the front windows, which one can also sit at. There is additional seating along a wall composed of bucket chairs and milk crates for tables, in classic hipster fashion).

IMG_1528 IMG_1531

Pastry/Food Selection-4.5(The baked good selection is small but mighty. I have had a delicious apple turnover that was lightly warmed for optimal consumption. The salted caramel brownies are an absolute must, they are rich, moist and delectable).


Overall Rating: 4.7

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    1. What a cool concept, awesome social entrepreneurship.

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