Coffee Shop Review #6 Bohemian Coffee House

While it seems like ages since I was in Baltimore, as promised I am doing an extended coffee shop review of Bohemian Coffee House. If I recall correctly the categories are still out of 5 (hee).

Location-4(First, remember this coffee shop is in Baltimore for all of you local DCists. Bohemian is located in an area deemed Charles North, an up-and-coming neighborhood by the Baltimore Train Station. While there are other restaurants around Bohemian you won’t find any local shops to explore or the feel of an established neighborhood. Baltimore is gritty, embrace the grittiness)!

Barista Cuteness-4(The cluster of baristas behind the bar that seemed to be randomly moving about were cute but  you’ll have to break them from their indy task-oriented trance to order).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-4(Oddly, when I went to order my standard cappuccino I was told that there was no espresso-based drinks at the moment. Whether this meant their machine broke or they ran out of coffee beans I will never know. I decided to go for an Ethiopian Gelana Abaya pour over from Square One Coffee. My cup of coffee was painstakingly prepared and I believe I may have intimidated my barista by watching her intense preparation of my coffee. She immediately offered to make me another cup right after I tasted my first sip if I found any inadequacy, this was completely unnecessary because the coffee was prepared perfectly. I cannot describe the pour any better than Square One who even use the greatest phrase “Cupping Notes” to preface their description of the beans stating the Yirgacheffe beans as containing a “Ripe blueberry and strawberry sweetness, tart lemon with a dark chocolate finish”–delicious)!

Ambiance-4.5(Where Bohemian lacks in location they make up for in ambiance. The coffee bar with popping red stools is very inviting and sits across from a row of cozy booths. I would imagine that the outdoor seating is also quite pleasant on a Summer day).

Pastry/Food selection-5(I had an Alfajores, a delicate Argentinian dolce de leche sandwhich cookie. The baker went above and beyond to serve my treat in the most elegant manner which made it even more enjoyable to eat. The selection of other baked goods looked equally as inviting and the Bohemian also serves dinner and lunch options that consist of hearty asian-inspired dishes like Lions Head, a traditional Japanese street food meatball dish, that looked quite scrumptious).


Overall Rating: 4.3

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