Doughnuts, S’monuts, and Stuffed Nuts

On a trip to New York City I had to indulge in my personal favorites-doughnuts and macaroons, and a city staple-A Broadway musical.

Doughnuts-Start the day off right with possibly the best doughnuts ever at Doughnut Plant, Doughnut varieties range from classic yeast and cake to filled doughnuts and the hybrid doughseeds. Doughnut Plant creates doughnut perfection through the lightness of their treats, whilst still maintaining unique flavors that permeate throughout, not just in a glaze or filling. The Chelsea Location is cozy with decorative pillows representing every possible menu item lining the wall. There is ample seating, so make sure to grab a cup of Intellegencia coffee and sit and enjoy.

IMG_1539 IMG_1540 IMG_1542

S’monuts-The latest pastry to follow the cronut craze is the S’monut. I discovered the this newest pastry installation through one of my favorite sites Refinery29 who reported “New York’s Macaron Parlour gave birth to the sugar bomb, which is a s’more-like combo of glazed doughnut pastry, marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs, shaped like a mini-volcano. As if that doesn’t sound rich enough, the “crater” is filled with molten marshmallow and dark chocolate ganache.” The word that caught my attention more so then pastry, marshmallow, and ganache was macaroon. French macaroons are the ultimate dessert-light, rich in flavor, petite, and a great combination of cake and ganache texture. I had to check out the Macaron Parour immediately and get a hold of my favorite pastry.

After lunching with a friend at Katz’s Delicatessen, another NYC staple that should not be missed, a lovely, digestive walk over to St. Marks Place for some dessert macaroons was in order. I saw the glorious S’monut but was still drawn to the boldly colored case of tiny “sweet hamburgers” as I used to call macaroons. The selection at the patisserie was quite impressive and I got a combination of traditional flavors such as pistachio and chocolate and new twists such as earl grey and tiramisu.  The macaroons at Macaron Parlour were some of the best I had ever. I was quite impressed with the intense flavor baked into every bite.

Stuffed Nuts-When you go to New York City, you are almost required to attend a theatrical performance, something I have absolutely no problem with. Over Thanksgiving my family and I chose to see Kinky Boots, the story of an out of luck shoe factory that finds prosperity in manufacturing speciality stilettos and boots for drag queens. The Broadway production had a stellar cast and elaborate electrifying props and sets. The music, written by Cyndi Lauper was poppy and fun. Some of the slower numbers were less successful but overall, her “Girls (and guys) Just Want to Have Fun” and wacky attitude was well-represented in the score. I would definitely recommend seeing this raucous comedy that has an extremely important and current message of self-acceptance and equality if you find yourself deciding on your Times Square entertainment or if Kinky Boots comes to a city near you.

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