Nice Guys Finish.

There is a saying “nice guys finish last” entailing that not only do people fall for the “badboys” but these alleged nice guys continuously miss out and lose in the game of love. This is a nice thought but pretty much debunked by my personal experience and those around me. It is often the case that most guys begin “nice” and then take a turn. The word nice here is a horrible adjective to describe a person, male or female, who exhibits characteristics of a kind, nurturing, accommodating human being. A majority of my writing teachers strongly advised me to stay away from this horribly vague, meaningless word. Herein “nice” refers to someone who may end up being disingenuous and it is these nice guys we have to worry about.

Nice charms, takes you out to dinner once or twice, cooks for you, might even have you meet their parents, etc. However, nice does not always tell the truth, nice may hide behind the benign wall of pleasantries. Nice draws out vulnerability, feeling, and emotions. But we must be cautious with nice…. The intentions behind the actions are so buried that they will most likely surprise even the most intuitive of people. Those badboys we fall for are often very straight forward with their motives, so much so that it turns us on, accelerates our pheromones, gets the heart beating. We think we can alter their path, change them, and align with them. This may or may not be true in the end. The nice ones are tricky, never revealing their true feelings until it is the end or until they assess all elements of a relationship. Nice guys appear thoughtful but are truly hiding behind the insecurity of not knowing what they want.

Eventually, through an act of love or malice, they will discover what they want, reveal how they feel, and then they are finished. It can come to a climax ending in a romantic gesture or heartbreaking swipe. You never truly know what you are going to get until it happens. This is the issue with the nice ones.

How can you be certain how it will play out? You can’t. This cynical anecdote is not to come off as a bitter sentiment. It is a caution, thought provoking tale. The moral is think twice when you describe someone as nice, truly assess why you are using this word and what you know about the one it has befallen.


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