Long Weekend Escapades #3: Geneva, Switzerland

I have a few highlights from the Swiss scene I took part in last weekend in Geneva. This sleepy little city is so calm and peaceful. Geneva can easily be seen in a weekend as it is very easy to navigate the public transportation and is quite a compact city. The lake is massive and simply beautiful. The stillness of the surface is echoed back in the town itself, which is free from traffic and people on weekends. It’s a nice place to change your pace and slow down.

IMG_3623IMG_3622Wandering around yields the best results but I have a few suggestions for Geneva travelers.

Saint-Pierre Cathedral-visit the side chapel of this reformation church to see the incredibly vibrant ceilings that are almost mosque-like in design. Also take note of the fantastic organ and look for any upcoming concerts for the whole experience.


Bastions Park-Take a spin around Bastions park which is very verdant and peek into the University of GenevaAlso, stroll through the Botanical Gardens which boast two small greenhouses-one with a transporting display of cacti that will take you to the desert. The gardens also have sheep so need I say more.

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum– I didn’t get a chance to head over to the Red Cross because it was closed on Monday (take note) but have heard wonderful things about the very interactive and informative museum.

United Nations-The tour of the UN was the highlight of the trip. Every component of the building and numerous conference rooms was built with intense purpose and analogous reference to world peace. It feels very important and inspiring to walk around the UN and reflect on the works of international organizations.


Coffee-Check out this really useful link (I went Boreal and Birdie and they were really good).

Geneva is the most expensive city I have ever been to, not exactly student friendly. Try to find a local to guide you around or better up compensate you graciously for taking the trip to visit them.

IMG_3624       IMG_3621

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