The Hunt: Vintage Store Finds Round #1

While this blog is allegedly a third devoted to fashion I have been rather lacking in that department. However, I am going to attempt to make it up by sharing three great vintage stores I have found to get your wardrobes ready for fall. I was lucky enough to pull in my friend Kayla Aihara to do a quick little Autumn photo shoot in Mt. Vernon.

See more of Kayla’s gorgeous work here!

1. Via Gypset, Adams Morgan-Via Gypset is a great vintage store that strives to bring you a combination of European street style, jet-setter attitude and that perfect gypsy bohemian look (see the name). Via Gypset is small and cozy, with a great attic space that really makes you feel like you are digging for vintage gold. The consignment store carries many designer brands, for men and women, from all around the world at fantastic prices. I found this great brioche blouse for $5! It was quite a steal and a good addition to any business casual wardrobe.

Photo: Top-Brioche,Skirt- Solemio,Shoes-BC, Kayla Aihara Photography

IMG_6128new IMG_6129new IMG_6133new


2. Secondi, Dupont Circle-Secondi is a packed consignment store that wraps around the upper level of Starbucks and Dolcezza in Dupont Circle. The shop has a wide array of clothing and is currently featuring some great overcoats to get you ready for Winter. I found the cable knit sweater of my dreams that I have been searching for. The sweater is very lux and very warm and for $35 not too bad a price tag. Note: the store exclusively carries trappings for women.

Photo: Top- J Crew,Pants-Just USA,Shoes-BC,Kayla Aihara Photography 

IMG_6086new IMG_6091new IMG_6105new


3. Georgia Avenue Thrift Store, Georgia Avenue NW-Here is your huge, Salvation Army-esque, legitimate thrift store. While my other two finds are more boutique-like establishments, Georgia Avenue has it all-housewares, racks and racks of clothes, shoes, books, electronics, basically anything you could possibly be searching for. You must come prepared to wade and sift through an endless sea of people and hangers to find the pieces you are looking for. While my first visit did not result in any fashion finds the bargain prices will certainly call me back. I didn’t see anything that was over $20 so if you are prepared, determined, and have no qualms trying clothes on in the middle of aisles Georgia Avenue Thrift Store is the place for you.


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