Coffee Shop Review #5 BakeHouse

Served in five categories (out of five points ya know).

Location-5 (My friend Abby has named this area ‘lil Brooklyn and whether or not New Yorkers will be outraged by this title, the U Street area is definitely trendy and filled with bars, baby strollers, various coffee bars, and other “hip” neighborhood fixtures. The row houses are beautiful and BakeHouse is off the main drag so it keeps its quaintness. Make sure to check out Taqueria Nacionale for some heartier fare).

Barista Cuteness- 4 (The staff is are super hospitable and friendly. If you don’t know what scrumptious baked good to order they will be more than happy to provide a suggestion).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-4 (At BakeHouse rather than being soley crazy about coffee, a lot of time is put into the bakery as the name would suggest. However, I was served a very good cappuccino with espresso by Zeke’s Coffee. The barista’s definitely know what they are doing but you can’t come looking for an extensive single-origin selection. Another time I visited BakeHouse I got an iced coffee, which I would normally never, ever, order but it was served with coffee ice cubes, a very nice, thoughtful touch that prevented the iced coffee from getting grossly watered down as it so often does).

Ambiance-5 (BakeHouse’s clean, white, minimalist design totally works for the long and narrow space. The bar seating at the entrance gave a lovely view of the sunset over the cute brick houses across the way. The single couch is also quite comfortable and has a sturdy, modern, wood table that is great for doing work).

IMG_1511 IMG_1510

Pastry/Food Selection-5 (This category is wear BakeHouse packs a punch. As expected, the pastries are delicious. I have had a heavenly sticky bun and the peanut butter cookie sandwich should not be missed. The scone/biscuit selection is also beyond and the kitchen has got everyone covered with individual gluten-free flowerless chocolate cakes and vegan cookies).

IMG_1433 IMG_1435

Overall Rating: 4.6

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