A quick jaunt to Colorado yields great culinary and fashion results.

Stay awhile at Linger-Denver’s burgeoning food scene is producing some key new players that will excite the culinary traveler who finds themselves on a visit to the Mile High City. On Friday I went to Linger, a small plates restaurant and bar that brings you street food from around the world. The easy, fun mood is set immediately when guests are served a bowl of BBQ seasoned popcorn instead of bread. The menu is divided up by geographic locations that include: Americas, Asia, South Asia, Africa & Middle East, and Europe & Eurasia. A menu that tries to encompass all cuisine is initially frightening to me because I usually think a restaurant should stick to doing on thing really well versus a variety of things mediocre. Linger surprised me and most of the dishes proved to be quite a successful representation of their locales. The standouts were the Popper “Breakdown”, Chicken B’stila, Lemongrass Shrimp, and the Mongolian BBQ Bun. These little bites were packed with flavor and had an authentic yet updated quality about them. Linger’s latin twist on the Bananas Foster also proved quite interesting and was a great treat to wrap up the meal.

Stay current, stay cool at Common Era-With two locations in Boulder and Denver the independently owned retail store Common Era lets you make your mark on the fashion world without breaking the bank. The store hosts a mixed amount of current and vintage-inspired silhouettes that are sure to suit all body types. Fall is in and the ankle boot collection featuring Seychelles and BC brands are to die for. With a multitude of colors and cuts you are sure to find the perfect dress, fall sweater, or stylish jacket you are looking for. The extremely helpful and knowledgable staff love putting together looks for customers so you can leave with an easy, perfect outfit that is tailored just for your own style. Clothes at Common Era make you feel great because you don’t have to compromise quality for price and you are assured to walk out with small-batch made pieces that will leave people asking “where’d you get that?”

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