Flavorful Farragut Friday Food Trucks, say that ten times fast.

Last Friday on a beautiful, warm Fall day Abby and I finally ventured to Farragut Park for the famed Food Truck Fridays. Farragut was buzzing with activity and a mix of workers, students, and families were swarming the park. There were at least 15 food trucks to choose from so it was time to strategize. We came up with a couple rules to try to maximize food truck efficiency. 1) We had to tour all the trucks in order to make an informed decision. 2) We both couldn’t order from the same truck no matter how tempting it was.  So we went on our around the world food truck journey featuring cuisine from Argentina, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and many other nations. The park was lively and exciting. Business men and women were basking in the sun, loosening their ties, and kicking off their heels, creating an air of ease and relaxation. Farragut Park blossomed into a little oasis away from work catered by all of your favorite foods, it was a very blissful setting. Now, on to the food.

Abby decided on the truck Basil Thyme, which hosted lasagna and pasta. The gluten-free Giuseppe (Black Truffle lasagna with portobellos and gorgonzola) was unexpectedly delicious. I was certainly weary of the gluten free lasagna noodles but the thinly sliced eggplant captured the exact texture of traditional lasagna sheets. I feel mushrooms tend to either get rubbery or mushy when cooked and portobellos are not my favorite but again, I was happy to find that this was not the case. Basil Thyme has been rated #1 Food Truck on Yelp and listed in the Top 50 Food Trucks in the US so it is definitely a truck to check out, especially if you have dietary restrictions.

I was craving some more bold, ethnic flavors so was attracted to the Far East Taco Grille Food Truck. The line streaming from the truck made it even more appealing to my sensationalist side. The truck offered three tacos for $8 which is not bad at all for a “gourmet” taco stand. The top three recommended tacos were too hard to pass up so I got one of each. My tacos included: Steak with #15 Sauce+Kimchi-Lime+Onion-Lime Relish, Chicken+Spicy Pineapple+Zesty Chipotle+Cheesy Creme, and finally Pork+Spicy Mayo+Peppers+Onion-Lime Relish. As you can see the flavors were bold and inventive, providing a twist on your favorite Mexican eats. Al three of the tacos were delicious and the complexity of each taco really enhanced the overall taste. The Steak with Kimchi was really a stand out, the tangy Kimchi paired beautifully with the sweet barbacoa-style steak. Far East chose to do out-of-the-box odd combinations and was very successful. I will be extremely tempted to go back to this truck, but according to rule 3) you can’t go back to the same truck until you have eaten your way through them all!


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