Coffee Shop Review #3 (THE ONE)

Tryst Ravings (categories still out of 5)

Location-5 (Adam’s Morgan is rapidly becoming my favorite neighborhood of D.C. filled with an eclectic mix of ethnic restaurants and trendy spots. There is an abundance of live music in the area and the metro stop is conveniently located close to the National Zoo as well).

Barista/Bartender cuteness-5 (Everyone at Tryst is not only attractive but incredibly friendly as well. Your check will be adorned with a big handwritten “Thank You :)” no matter who waits on you).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-5 (I have had two cappuccinos at Tryst and they were both absolutely the best cappuccinos I have ever have. This recurring anomaly led me to believe that it must be the Counter Culture Coffee beans that Tryst pulls combined with a highly skilled barista staff. The robust aroma that encases the coffee shop is simply delightful. In addition to coffee, I ordered a cup of apple cider to go with my meal which was piping hot and served in an enormous mug, just how I like it. Nothing could have screamed a cozy, Fall, October evening more. The special Lavender Hot Chocolate was also tempting my friend Abby and I so we will have to sample it next time).

Ambiance-5 (Tryst’s tagline is “No corporate coffee, no matching silverware” and this motto describes the feel of Tryst very well. Think bohemian living room filled with mismatched lamps, sofas, and armchairs. For those who are looking to study there are tables and chairs that are large and equally as inviting. Tryst’s bar area is another fun “sceney” location to sit at and is great if you are flying solo. The friendly bartenders are very welcoming and chatty as they shake up drinks for fellow costumers. On my latest evening at Tryst we were fortunate enough to have a live performer who was quite exceptional. Tryst hosts live music most nights of the week and our electric cellist was an awesome treat).

Pastry/Food Selection-5 (Three words: ALL DAY BRUNCH, there is really nothing better. The Spinach Egg Sandwich that I ate on my first outing was hearty and the balsamic-marinated cherry tomatoes were an excellent fresh pop of flavor. Tryst also serves a host of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and does it right with the addition of a cup of tangy, perfectly seasoned tomato bisque for an additional $3. I’ll make sure to indulge in the Lavender Hot Chocolate and the pastry case next time).

I am not surprised that Tryst is receiving a perfect 5 Overall Rating because really, all I can do is rave about my new favorite coffee shop.


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