Coffee Shop Review #2 Northside Social

Northside Social Wrap-Up (categories out of 5)

Location-4.5 (Heading out to Arlington may seem like a trek but it is an easy metro ride away and gives you a little change of scenery. There appeared to be some cool pubs and restaurants around Northside Social but the cafe itself is on its own little “island” on a busy intersection).

Barista Cuteness-3.0

Coffee Knowledge/selection-4.5 (Northside brews Counter Culture Coffee, which is fast becoming one of my favorite roasters. They passed the cappuccino test with flying colors, delivering a hot, bold, not too foamy cappuccino. Less choices if you are a single origin lover but the options are there).

Ambiance-4.5 (Northside has a lovely outdoor seating section that was bustling with activity. The main room has plenty of tables and counter seating and if you are looking for a more secluded spot there is a back room with additional tables and counter space. There is also an upper terrace complete with a wine bar. The main floor is perfect for studying while the upper deck creates a great cozy, social environment).

Pastry/Food Selection-4.5 (While I chose to go for a full on meal, the pastry selection looked quite comprehensive and tasty. The butternut squash soup was warm, classic, and comforting. I was surprised to find that the spinach, corn, tomato quiche special came with fresh fruit and was served on a salad greens. This was a great bonus to a good quiche that satisfied my appetite. The rest of the menu offered some tempting cheese plates as well as some delicious sounding breakfast sandwiches such as the LT Bacon and Egg served with maple butter and frisee on an Italian feather loaf).

Overall Rating: 4.20


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