Adorn Yourself

Posts are long overdue so I shall have a slew of new ones coming up starting now. For a return to fashion, this post will feature a jewelry spotlight. A fellow shop girl at Common Era an incredible boutique (see post) here)  that I used to work at, has recently expanded her jewelry line ADORN and it is critical that you check it out.

ADORN is designed and manufactured by the incredibly talented and stylish Laura Norris out of Boulder, Colorado. Her accessories consist of earrings, rings, necklaces and body chains. What is a body chain you ask? For those too cool for traditional necklaces, body chains are a whole new wearable jewelry concept. You have to embrace what, at first seems like a confounding accessory, to dress yourself with the beautiful pieces.

The allure of ADORN is its wonderful simplicity. The sleek accessories, hand pieced together by Laura, highlight chevrons and other geometric shapes. The pieces gracefully create exquisite negative space and the industrial materials, with slight sheen, are a perfect combination of hard and soft.

While ADORN’s Etsy store is closed for the holiday season make sure to check back after the New year. Norris’ pieces are of course sold at Common Era as well, in both Boulder and Denver. For now I’ll provide you with a teaser with the two pieces I own from the collection.  The second photo, is of the aforementioned body chain that pairs great with both a simple dress or top and also, a loose graphic shift dress to add some figure.


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