A little trip to Paris, then quick jump to Naples

We can’t always drop everything and go to Europe, no matter how much of a vagabond lifestyle we live these things take plane tickets, hotel reservations, time, and a little bit of planning. However, if you are ever in the mood to go abroad I discovered a pretty good combo that gives you a taste of France and Italy (and they are a four minute walk from each other).

On a clear Saturday afternoon some girlfriends and I went to the Washington National Cathedral. To be honest, I was expecting dinky little church but was surprised to find an impressive Notre Dame looking full scale cathedral. We hit the Cathedral at the perfect time, right as the sun was beginning to set and I would highly recommend going in the early morning or evening to see the radiant look of deep golden orange the building takes on. When at the Washington National Cathedral you have to check out the Bishop’s Garden at all which is peaceful and has a wonderful display of extremely gorgeous and aromatic roses. The Cathedral and surrounding cobbled grounds truly took me to a European city which was a delightful treat.

On to Italy! We carried on famished to 2 Amy’s Neapolitan Pizzeria which was a totally quaint, ‘locals-only” find. I ordered a Neapolitan style pizza with ricotta and onions, that tasted authentic and delicious. The small plates were also very good and you could make a marvelous meal out of those alone. A note, be a bit wary of what I call the “olive oil saturation” in some delicious. The copious amounts of olive oil, while quite possibly were traditional masked some flavors and made the dishes a bit oily and heavy. The best small plates were the Burrata, Porchetta, and Corn Salad.

Take your friends on a spontaneous trip to the Washington National Cathedral and 2 Amy’s and you will feel like the whimsical European traveler you have always wanted to be.

IMG_1311 IMG_1312 IMG_1313IMG_1347

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