The beginning of The Coffee Shop Reviews #1 Chinatown Coffee Company

Chinatown Coffee Company Breakdown (categories out of 5)

Location-4.5 (You don’t find too many indie coffee shops in your local Chinatown so the location is quite unique. You can fill your craving for Drunken Noodles and a cup of joe all in one go. The downside is that you are not going to find your local boutiques and galleries in D.C.’s Chinatown, which is composed of karaoke bars, Chinese restaurants, and chain stores).

Barista Cuteness-4.5 (Self-explanatory, completely arbitrary, and extremely important).

Coffee knowledge/selection-5 (I got a Kenyan single origin small French press, and will have to do my standard cappuccino test next time. The barista’s clearly know their coffee and are willing to have a discussion with you about what’s currently brewing. There is a global selection of countries for those who prefer Latin American beans over African).

Ambiance-3.5 (I did feel a bit of the “we’re kinda cold and too cool for you” vibe, but just ever so slightly. The place was packed, which points to Chinatown’s popularity so I did have to share a table with a lovely women but this was not conducive to doing work. An, admittedly snide, comment on the decor- be less sparse and swap out the horribly uncomfortable chairs).

Pastry/food selection-3 (I came at three o’clock so I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt but judging by the small pastry case I cannot imagine they have a large selection. The scone I had was sub-par and hard. There was also one choice of scone and muffin, which for the treat lover that I am was very disappointing.
Overall rating: 4.10

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