Day of Decadence

Some days we just need to indulge, good food warms the soul and taking time to have treats is very important to a happy healthy life. With my foodie partner in crime, Abby, it was time to hit the streets of Georgetown and go all out.

First stop: Dolcezza for affogatos. Dolcezza is a decadent artisan gelato shop that boasts some of the most inventive and complex gelato flavors I have seen. For those unfamiliar, an affogato is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream, traditionally vanilla, and is without a doubt a little slice of bliss. I chose to have Cardamon Lemon Ricotta gelato as my base and it was simply divine. The ice cream was bright, delicate, and proved to complement the espresso very well. Abby chose Chocolate Hazelnut gelato and I managed to steal a bite before we both licked our cups clean, this proved to be another great gelato choice, creating a very rich, bold flavor that brought out the chocolate notes in the coffee very well.

Second Stop: There is never a problem with dessert before dinner because as a wise man wants told me “rules are one of the most flexible things on Earth” and I hold this quote  very dear to me. So we galavanted on to Cafe Tu-O-Tu a small Turkish cafe for dinner. The knock out dish was Abby’s spicy lentil soup which was bursting with great flavor from a multitude of spices. I am also a fan of the Mino panini, (Marinated Chicken, Sucuk, Roasted Red Peppers, Mozzarella and Provolone Cheese with Sun Dried Tomato Pesto in Ciabatta Bread) which is hearty and delicious. Cafe Tu-O-Tu has a great secret back room along with outdoor seating for some good Georgetown people-watching.

Last, but certainly not least, Stop: Coffee and Cupcake heaven! Yeah, yeah, we already had coffee and gelato but you can’t say no to a stop at Baked and Wired. The cupcakes and oother baked goods are beyond, and they also have gluten-free options for Abby. I have been lucky enough to have sampled the Elvis Impersonator AKA The Unporked Elvis, German Chocolate, and Gluten Free Chocolate Strawberry much to my great satisfaction. The Gluten Free Blondie also comes strongly recommended. Now that we have discussed the baked side of things let’s move to the wired-the coffee selection carries some heavy hitters. Baked and Wired offers Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Madcap Coffee, Intelligentsia Coffee, Ceremony Coffee Roasters, and  Barismo. Whatever you are in the mood for be it a cappuccino (my go to) or a tantalizing exotic Kenyan single-origin, Baked and Wired (dare I say it) has got it wired!

Now feast your eyes on some gorgeous gelato colors and other tasty treats.


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