A Poem for Hiyu

How can we teach you to help yourselves to a new way of life?

Seeing what is underneath the earth is as important as walking atop it.

Trace the paths that are underground, press your ear to the surface, nose to the soil, feel what is living around you.

We are the dust of the land; the dirt in the ground.

Crawl through the vines and look around.

Let your gaze be drawn to the center of the sky.

A limitless point of light

whirring incessantly, reminding us that it beats on.

It is warmth, pumping oxygen to everything that is around us.

Stronger and fuller than all of our hearts’ combined.

It is the greatest source of love and vitality.

What can we do without it you ask?

Well, without the sun we perish, melt and fade away.

We will fold back into the land, return to the earth

until it rises again.

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