Very Short Stories #2

The Hunter

Carl put on his green and brown coat, one might call it camouflage but to Carl it was standard garb. He felt so natural in the wooded landscape. There was really no need to further blend. Carl let his boots wander to their destination, firmly planting behind a tall Evergreen. The tree was shaped as a giant nose, sharp and distinguished. The trunk was a prominent mark on the tundra floor. In this desolate place the things that stand out are few and far between. With such bare overage, he had to choose his waiting place with care. Carl was not hiding from the deer. Not really anyways. Carl saw it as standing at a post. A London guard planted in front of a palace. His commitment to his post was unwavering. Carl enjoyed the stillness. It’s hard to find comparable peace. He leaned against his post. Carl is a resolute, patient man. He was content, a man who wanted the smallest treasures in life. Food is an essential item, but there were convenience stores for that. Carl could survive on refried beans, nachos, and watery hot dogs, sure, but he knew it was shit food. Better was out there and could hunt for it. Taking time was the right thing to do and he knew it, the temptation of the convenience store existed but it was not persistent. He leaned back on the tree, imagining he could one day be as sturdy and strong, completely connected to the nature around him. He knew the roots reached far into the ground, tapping an underground network reverberating with energy, and yet, the tree stood so still. A silent monk with a settled smile. These thoughts bemused Carl as he waited, entertaining him for hours as he patiently knelt at the monk’s alter. Crunch. A rustle. Crunch. Another step in the snow. Carl moved his gaze, shifted his feet, and gently touched his rifle to his shoulder. Crunch. Click. The deer fell 15 meters from the nose. A quick prayer to the monk set Carl free from the monastery steps. Carl was honored to be bestowed such a fine gift. It beat the convenience store, a hundred times over.

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