Get Up, Get Up and Jump Around

The jumpsuit has always been a a scary article of clothing for me. The piece has seemed extremely unapproachable with my miniature stature and style aesthetic. I was once walking down the street and a women rocking a red romper passed us, she was fierce and stunning. I turned to my partner who was sharing my similar look of awe and said “man, that’s a tough look to pull off.” We came to the conclusion that a women needed one of two things to rock a romper or jumpsuit–either a curvy, hourglass shape or simply the romper or jumpsuit personality (think quirky and cute like Zooey Deschanel).

I assumed I lacked both of these qualities and resigned to a strictly separates-centric wardrobe. However, on a sunny afternoon my thrifting partner in crime, Joyce, and I took a stroll to 14th Street and journeyed up the stairs to Treasurya vintage store on 14th and S St. NW, In the store something leaped out at the both of us. At first, I thought it was a stunning dress with an amazing printed textile but no, it was a jumpsuit! Joyce said it looked like only myself and a toddler could fit into is so I had to try it on. I was surprised to discover that a. it was comfortable and b. it actually fit me in all the right places. After fit came look and I was startled to find myself head over heals for the jumpsuit.

I snatched it up. imagining what events I could wear it to and how to style it. I eagerly anticipated when I could wear it and the opportunity came soon enough. That Friday was First Friday at the Hillyer Art Space, a favorite gallery of mine, so my roommates and I decided to get all dressed up and go. It was jumpsuits all around and I have t say, I think we looked fabulous. See photos and my four styling suggestions below.


4 Tips for Jumpsuit/Romper styling:

1. If your jumpsuit or romper has a big, graphic, pattern go with the hair in a messy bun or top knot so you don’t draw anything away from your outfit. A high bun will also elongate your body so if you are a shorty like me rocking a whole lot of material you will still look tall and elegant.

2. Keep hair and makeup simple. Since this single piece of clothing is just something you can literally thrown on, the rest of your styling should reflect this easiness.

3. As Nadia, my jumpsuit partner in crime, has demonstrated you can fully embrace the hippy/boho chic look. Her black jumpsuit from Forever 21 worked perfectly with her wavy hair and John Lennon shades.

4. Accessorize minimally and thoughtfully. I grounded my look with a simple oversized leather clutch but kept the playful spirit with a polka-dot heel. Ideally, choose one item that is solid and another that is patterned.

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