In the Round, Alicia Eggart Illuminates Rosslyn’s Artisphere

This past weekend I discovered what may soon become my favorite gallery, performance space, and all around hang out spot. Artisphere is a spectacular cultural center just off the Rossyln Metro Stop. The galleries our open to the public and the dome shaped building itself is inspiring. The Black Box theater with wood paneling that made the floor look like it was crawling up the ceiling was beautiful, I can’t wait to catch some live theater in the future.


Featured in the Terrace Gallery was the show Everything You Are Looking For by Alicia Eggart. This was the largest solo show for the artist and she certainly took advantage of her grand space and materials. Eggart produced mixed media work that included photographs, kinetic sculptures, interactive pieces, drawings, and more. Everything You Are Looking For explored what time hides in the recesses of our mind through manipulating hours and minutes. The viewer experienced the speeding up, slowing down, and freezing of time through various mediums.

IMG_1723 IMG_1725 IMG_1727 IMG_1729

The show was extremely creative and while items and works seemed very disparate , they came together to tell the Eggart’s story. The artist’s use of everyday materials was ingenious and connected the familiar with the strange unknown. Three pieces AHA, YAY, and, Everything you are Looking For were absolutely striking showstoppers. The three pieces did an amazing job of capturing the emotions indicated by their titles and elicited the corresponding response from the viewer.

IMG_1726IMG_1728 IMG_1724

After reviewing my program it was bittersweet  to learn that I caught the show the day before its close. However, keep an eye for upcoming exhibitions featuring Alicia Eggart. Despite this wonderful show closing, the Artisphere is still an amazing gallery that should be visited soon!

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