Wrap it Up! A Snowy Fashion Shoot

My lovely, talented friend Joyce decided  that the zero degree snow day would be the perfect time to have a photo shoot and after all my moaning it turned out to be a great contribution to the fashion section of You Are Here. My smartly dressed friends AJ and Andrew sported thick scarves, mittens, sleek yet hefty jackets and more. Here are the results of our sunrise shoot that can provide some winter fashion inspiration.

Some notes on the photographs: 1. Don’t be afraid to rock the slouchy hat, there is no “wrong” way to wear it. 2. We all know circle scarves are in, so that isn’t new but find yourself an extra chunky one for winter warmth. 3. Wear tights over tights! While this may seem crazy and uncomfortable it is actually super warm and gives off a cool effect. I paired a pair of sheer tights with a patterned opaque tight underneath in the photo below. 4. I don’t know when earmuffs were deemed “uncool” and I am not sure why but personally I think Andrew is clearly rocking the look. So don’t be worried about bringing out the fluffy ear covers.

DSC_0190 DSC_0198 Mica AJ1 DSC_0303 1601564_10201604002638661_198420865_n

1 thought on “Wrap it Up! A Snowy Fashion Shoot

  1. Great photos and fashion tips. I’m warmer just thinking about them.

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