Coffee Shop Review #9 Kafe Bohem

Back in DC for more coffee shop findings, ratings out of 5.

Location-4(Kafe Bohem lies on Florida Avenue, in a sleepy neighborhood that shows potential for growth. New restaurants, brew pubs, and other cafes are popping up among the mainly residential area. There is also a beautiful, newly built public library close to Kafe Bohem so you can borrow a book and cozy up with a good novel and hot coffee).

Barista Cuteness-4.5(One of the baristas was extremely friendly and accommodating. She chatted with costumers at their respective tables, opened doors for mommas with strollers, even made a joke as I was furiously typing that she collected 10% of revenue generated from Kafe work, the whole nine yards. The other barista who took my order and made my drink was a bit lackluster but was certainly friendly enough).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-5(The coffee menu at Kafe Bohem is complete, and extensive without any fussy drinks. All espresso-based drinks come in one size (the correct size). The kafe also offers six single origin coffees available as pour over single cups or in press pots, and while I did not sample one of these the selection was extremely well-rounded. After starting with a great cappuccino, I broke with tradition and entered the realm of tea. Bohem definitely receives a bonus nod for it’s tea offerings and the darjeeling I selected went perfectly with my Eastern European lunch fare).

Ambiance-4.5(Kafe Bohem is compact, yet has amble seating. Wooden tables and chairs paired with an exposed brick wall create a cozy, warm vibe. Chairs and long benches are also fixed with pillows that provide bright pops of color and additional comfort. The music was also quite excellent and enhanced the atmosphere greatly. Soul tunes came through the speakers, livening up the place and most guests could not help but hum along).

Pastry/Food Selection-4(Kafe Bohem is supposedly known for their delicious Austrian-inspired baked goods but unfortunately due to a mysterious kitchen catastrophe there were no fresh baked goods available, it was quite sad. I turned to the lunch menu to see more classical Bohemian dishes staring at me. I ordered a borsht, which seemed like the perfect choice for a brisk December day in DC. The borscht turned out to be more like a hunter’s stew but was extremely delicious and hearty. The portion size was also very satisfying and as I eyed the tantalizing Chicken Schnitzel Banh mi at the table beside me it looked like all the serving sizes were large, robust, and clearly tended to have a little bit of a twist on a classic dishes).

Overall Rating: 4.4


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  1. Great Post. Love all the ratings and unique observations.

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