Coffee Shop Review #8 Everyman Espresso

Journey to NYC’s coffee shop scene, categories out of 5.

Location-4(Everyman Espresso’s Soho location is a little removed from Soho proper and you would have to stop in on your way to or from boutique shopping but not during, which would be ideal. The area does have other cute restaurants and is on a very busy street, providing good people watching).

Barista Cuteness-3.5(The baristas, male and female, were both cute but seemed more interested into talking to each other than charming customers).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-3(While the latte art that adorned my cappucino was very pretty, my coffee was less than impressive. First, the drink as a whole was not hot enough, I am very aware that scalding milk to create an extra hot beverage is extremely upsetting but this drink could have definitely been hotter. Second, the espresso tasted like it was burnt and lacked any real depth in flavor, just a strong, bitter quality. There were a few single origin options, which perhaps may have been the safer option).


Ambiance-4.5(The closet-sized Everyman is very compact, yet well designed. They have done a lot with the small space, creating cozy window seating and an operable work counter. Brightly colored mosaic tiles behind the espresso bar and bay windows at the entrance provide a very bright, crisp atmosphere).

Pastry/Food Selection-4(For a small coffee shop Everyman boasted an impressive array of croissants, donuts, muffins, and other baked goods. I did not have the chance to sample any but they looked pretty fresh and and good).

Overall Rating: 3.8


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