Farmer’s Market Fiend

I have an addiction to confess, it’s a very serious case of a craving for local produce, yes, I am hopelessly addicted to farmer’s markets. I make a conscious effort to go to the local market in every place I visit and lucky for me D.C. has no shortage of farmer’s markets. In one day I went to the Freshfarm Foggy Bottom Farmer’s Market and the Wellness Works Farmer’s Market. Both did not compare in size to the wonderful Boulder Farmer’s Market that I am used to but I did scoop up some delicious apple cider and sobrassada from Three Little Pigs Charcuterie which I highly recommend.

If you want the goods in D.C. the Eastern Market is where to be. Designated by its own metro stop the Eastern Market is easy to get to and located in a very trendy neighborhood by the capitol. Along with a fellow Chicagoan, (one who has more Chicago clout than me) I hit the market on a gorgeous Friday afternoon. The Eastern Market is comparable to the Ferry Building in San Francisco (one of my favorite sites of all time) with a bit more focus on groceries rather than food vendors. The Eastern Market is a great airy corridor that is lined on either side with delicatessens, bakeries, dried pasta stalls, an Asian speciality grocer, and much more. I scooped up some nectarines, prosciutto, ravioli, and bread with great excitement. The butternut squash, apple, and goat cheese ravioli proved to be extremely delicious and worth the $7 per pound price tag. Grabbing a pair of refreshing Arnold Palmers (lemonade and ice tea mix) my comrade and I explored 8th Street SE which, in between chains such as Subway and Popeye’s, was lined with cute cafes, restaurants, and bike shops. I will certainly be returning to explore more of the surrounding area and report back. Tip: On Tuesdays and the weekends the Eastern Market has it’s own outdoor farmer’s market filled with fresh produce and other specialty products.


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