I’ll have what he’s having.

What’s Golden, brown, and delicious? Donuts of course! But not just any donuts, GBD donuts. GBD, which stands for Golden Brown Delicious has now become a staple of my diet. Grab your choice of succulent donuts and a dollar coffee in the morning, stop in for a a Tendie Lunchbox (chicken tenders with choice of sauce and side, and a creme fraiche biscuit) for the perfect, quick noontime break, or make it a meal!

I made it a meal with my friend Devin on a lazy September Sunday. However, it was not just any random meal, it was brunch–the best meal ever. After souring the menu we both yelled “I want the chicken and waffles!” Uh oh, problem, I don’t allow double ordering–getting the same item with a menu full of options just feels so wrong. Luckily, as two problem solvers we were able to come up with the ultimate solution: Devin would order the Ranchero Wrap and I would get the Chicken and Waffles, then we would do halfsies of course.  The plan worked flawlessly and for 3 bucks more you can “make it a deal” and add any donut and a coffee/soft drink. So far I have sampled the Grapefruit Campari Donut, Chocolate Pudding Filled Brioche, Pumpkin Donut, and maybe just a few other Cruller’s of the day that are slipping my mind. Image

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