Traveling Thoughts

Leaving to come back, catch and release. Planes and dragons in the sky taking me away. To and from we move from destinations. Lonely is on an airplane. Sealed in the sky with strangers. We could all die at any moment not knowing each other. We do not take time to formalize this relationship; it is just a mere transition. Space between land and outer space. Above the world, unlikely to crash but destined to die. All ending up in the sky together, on one big plane if you believe in heaven that is, or it’s all a crash to the ground. Hell, dirt earth, traveling between these worlds in a tin box in the sky. Floating in heaven ever so briefly before touching down.. This vessel cuts between the celestial and present, a gliding blade in the sky, carving a small path for its passengers. I always think about death on airplanes, death of me, family, pets, strangers. It is not scary though, just flying thoughts.

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