Loose Change

A growing collection of very old and new poems, plus other words put together. 


Do You Know Who You Are?

We are chameleons, mixed up and confused.

Changing colors,

changing moods.

I wish I knew who I was, wish I knew who you were.

We were fated together but did we even fit?

Together forever?



We meet,

we greet,

we learn half of each other.

The side that wants to be seen; the side that glistens best in the sun.


The Only one You need.

You are the only thing you need.

Makes you whole and complete.

He, she is not your other half. Who cut in half?

Did I make you this way?


Did you make you this way?


Pairs of parents. Conjoined DNA.

You are the way you are because they made you-



We Like You

We like you just the way you are. Don’t say you will change, please don’t go far. We like you.

Stay as my star. Dance across the sky. Streak through the night. Crazy and wild.

We like you, with your curly hair, with no hair. Your face so smooth, we like you.

It is only you. Something we hold onto. Grab my hand. Cheers to us, cheers to we.

Three cheers for me, many more cheers for you.

We like you. Driving in your car, you are driving far too far.

Far away from we, far away from me.

Windows are down, sun is shining. There are no stars out now.

Not one left in the sky to look up to.

We like you, but do you like we?

Staring face to face with your own reality.

Running away, running to be free.

I like you, do you like me?

Are you moving towards me?

Only we will see.

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