LA/San Diego to Tokyo

Iggy Azalea has now famously sung about being fancy from LA to Tokyo. She jeers about living in the fast lane and “remember my name.” As a Spring break trip to San Diego (the conservative cousin of Los Angeles) comes to a close; the impending journey to Tokyo awaits Morgan, my boyfriend. I sense excitement mixed with anxiety when he talks about his trip and this is probably echoed back by me. Living in a fast paced world makes remembering names, dates, and important memories both easier and harder. We soon forget and move on to the next exciting thing as much as we snap photos and immediately reminisce. When on vacation, time does a strange twist between fast and slow. Each day in the sun, is leisurely and calm, then you wake up a week later and the sun is setting on your vacation faster than it rose. While one might think weeks of time would compound this super fast feeling, there is a tipping point where time is just long. Most months are long, except February, when you are apart from someone you care about.

If communication was already hard for me, distance has only amplified it. Recently, the decibel got so loud I could barely breath. Times and feelings don’t line up, making you feel helpless and hurting. The best thing to do is reach out, talk it out. Officially “breaking up” might take off some of the pressure in the long distance relationship and bring a couple close. At least, that is one possible outcome of a separation. Ditch your label and see what happens, it’s time for a change.


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