Pieces of Flair on the LBB

Almost as important as a women’s “little black dress” is her fitted black blazer. The tailored blazer has been a staple of the working wardrobe for a long time but a good blazer can be a transformative piece as well. I acquired an oversized blazer with almost bedazzled lapels that could have been taken for tacky without a few alterations. The blazer was on sale because it was damaged, and the lapels flopped about much to my frustration. A dear friend of my mine, an interior designer with fabulous and outrageous style, absolutely loved wearing blazers but he had a rule that he had to throw on “pieces of flair” before he went out. For anyone who has not seen the movie Office Space this is a fancy word for buttons. In my friend’s case it extended to brooches and various adornments consisting of pin fasteners. I took his advice for the purpose of both function and fashion. A sturdy broach now holds down the loose lapel of my jacket and other buttons acquired from various concerts over time add a little extra something. I have now been wearing this blazer for years and it is an essential piece in my closet. The blazer is perfect with a tee and jeans, blouse and slacks, oversized juxtaposition for a minidress. So take a blazer you already have and try using it as a evening look or find a fun new jacket that you can play with adornments, embellishments and proportion.



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