Farm to TABLE.

What DC’s new restaurant table. lacks in name creativity, it more than makes up for in flavor and exquisite execution. One thing that makes your dining experience akin to the name is the simplicity of the dishes while maintaing strong flavors as well as ingredient integrity. The dishes are great for sharing and I would highly recommend ordering a la cart as opposed to locking yourself into the tasting menu.

We began with the Goose Egg, a dish that we spied at the table beside us and simply could not resist by smell alone. The starter was served in a cast iron skillet and was composed of a perfectly cooked sunny side egg over sautéed seasonal mushrooms and frisee salad. After puncturing the egg, yolk pooled out over the fungi and greens and was ready to be piled on rustic toasts. The dish was incredible because it explored the flavor of salt in such an intriguing way. Each ingredient contained a different salty taste that built of into a crisp, rich bite as opposed to an overpowering jumble.


Next, we moved on to complimentary main courses that were light yet extremely flavorful. The whole fish options on the menu made for a very tough decision but we were advised to try the Branzino en Papillote. The fish was so delicate and flakey and the classic addition of fennel, olives, and preserved lemon was bright and enhanced the flavor of the fish. The other main we selected were Sweetbreads. The sweetbreads were served with an asparagus puree and fish. In this dish table exercised a little more innovation, shaping the fried fish and sweetbreads in the same manner so you were surprised at each bite you took. This fun play on perception was refreshing and yielded near perfect results. The sears on the proteins could have been a touch harder to achieve stronger caramelization flavors.

The meal finished off with an order of the Chocolate Cremeux which was a more complex dish that was still very successful. The dark chocolate custard was paired with orange supremes, toasted marshmallow ice cream, and cocoa nib tuile. This combination of very distinct flavors was very good with zesty bite provided by the orange and coca nibs. The marshmallow ice cream somehow tasted like it was hot off a campfire which paired perfectly with the smooth rich chocolate custard.

Overall table. was exceptional and I am looking forward to returning to try the brunch and the Meatless Monday menu. The atmosphere is simple and relaxing. The garage door opening and sleek modern look bring a sense of refinement to the establishment while keeping the easy, stylish feel. The bustling open kitchen is also an additional delight.

jcb-table-038-1024x682 jcb-table-102-1024x682

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  1. this looks fantastic :D

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