Coffee Shop Review #14 Happy Bones NYC

Get happy at my new favorite NYC coffee shop, feel good categories out of 5.

Location-5(Located in NoLita on Broome Street, one of the the hottest new areas of Manhattan. You can hit up Happy Bones before cruising the boutiques of SoHo, heading to the Bowery, or before hopping on the Spring Street metro. The location is buzzing with hipness and fashionable people to gaze at).


Barista Cuteness-4(Not too much interaction with the adorable baristas but they are very kind and jovial. A Kiwi accent on the male barista did not hurt one bit either).

Coffee Knowledge/Expertise-4.5(Coffee shops seem to easily capture my heart when they serve of Counter Culture Coffee and Happy Bones is no exception. Our barista seemed a little hesitant when I asked what single-origins they were serving up which made me opt for a Counter Culture espresso cappuccino. The cappuccino was one of the best I have ever had and served in the perfect sized glass with beautiful latte art adorning it. There was nothing too strikingly exceptional about the menu, probably just good iterations of all the classics).


Ambiance-4.5(Happy Bones is light, airy and meant to incite creativity. With local art and books gracing the white walls the shop is calm and peaceful. The modern coffee bar is space efficient and a very cool fixture in and of itself. Floor to ceiling windows stream in light that warms up the bare concrete floors, which are a bit cold. The small details really excited about Happy Bones, such as the acrylic cheetah spoons that came with our lattes and the layering of checked grates over whitewashed walls as the backs of the booth seating. There are only four or five tables for the entire narrow space so make sure you hit up the coffee shop at the right time if you desire to stay).

IMG_1903 IMG_1904

Pastry/Food Selection-5(The almond croissant was above and beyond! One of the best I every had and it was enormous. The pastry almondine cream in the middle was great and is sometimes hard to find in economically conscious pastries. The peanut butter salty vegan cookie was also pretty stellar, perhaps a touch too dense and you have to really like salty sweet. I really appreciated the ample peanut butter taste. The doughnuts were staring at us temptingly and will have to sampled next go around).

Overall Rating: 4.6


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