Coffee Shop Review #12 Qualia Coffeehouse

Roasts and ravs out of five.

Location-3.5(Qualia Coffeehouse is literally located in an old house. The front steps, removing the shop from street view made me miss it several times so you have to keep a keen eye out for the place. Qualia is located on Georgia Avenue in Petworth and I can’t say that this is the most scenic and quaint area. The coffeehouse has a nice view of a Wendy’s and big intersection, those are about the highlights. If you want to check out Qualia, that itself is really your only destination).

Barista Cuteness-4(The baristas at Qualia are very traditional of your average hipster coffee shops. Flannels, beards, and you know the rest don the males but the woman working was cheery and chic. All of the staff our extremely friendly and although the shop is tiny and can get clogged up they are very patient with customers, like myself and my companion, deliberating on what to order).

Coffee Knowledge/Expertise-5(This category is where Qualia shines. What makes Qualia magnificent is that they roast all of their beans in house. You can wonder back beyond the espresso bar and see the magic happening too! Fresh of the Roast, the given name to Qualia’s home roasting operation illustrates exactly why their coffee is something to marvel at-its freshness. Roasters are careful to craft small batches and serve them at optimum times, the baristas will tell you straight up that the coffee you selected may not be wholly opened up and perfect for consumption. Qualia has eleven single origin beans on tap which is also a massive amount. I was happy to be recommended something unusual, outside of my standard Ethiopian but based on the flavors I described liking. My pour over of Bali Kintamani Natural beans was exceptional and I could taste the hints of cherry and the tartness that was described to me. I’m very excited to return and sample some of the other global offerings at Qualia).

Ambiance-4.5(The inside of Qualia is very cute and simply decorated with little traces of coffee related decor. Your relaxing coffee experience will really be complete if you venture to the hidden back patio that offers heat lamps, friendly alley cats, and a tented canopy roof for ambiance. I can imagine that the porch and patio are really popping in the summer when you can sip a fresh brew and bask in the sun).

IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1741

Food/Pastry Selection-4.5(Georgetown Bagelry and Panorama Bakery provide all of Qualia’s delightful treats. My friend’s bagel surprised me with how darn good it was for just being a simple bagel with cream cheese. I chose to venture to the pastry case, per usual, and got a cheddar scone and maple oat cookie. The scone was not really a scone, it had a bit of a grainy quality and was quite dense. We both agreed that it could have benefited from perhaps a little more baking powder for fluffiness and the addition of cheese baked directly on top to provide more flavor and texture. The cookie on the other hand was delicious. It was packed with maple oat goodness and was not too sweet but not bland either. The texture of the cookie was great and it was very filling. One could almost feel healthy scooping one up for breakfast).

Overall Rating: 4.3


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