Posting up at The Post

Over my winter holiday I went back home to Boulder, Colorado and the town was abuzz with anticipation over the opening of Dave Query’s new restaurant, The Post Brewing Company. Query and his hospitality group Big Red F are the proud owners of many fantastic Boulder and Denver establishments, and seem to have the Midas food touch . At their newest eatery, chicken and beer are the name of the game and I say yes please!

The Post was packed on the second day of standard operations and the bar was hopping. Set in an old post office in Longmont, The Post brings handcrafted house made beers and fried chicken delicacies to its overflowing group of eager customers. The decor is certainly inspired by a Michigan or Wisconsin road house with old school amber lights and glasses. The pool table had shifting into a coat rack and leaning post for the queuing guests, willing to wait over an hour for a table.

The Post’s star attraction is their fried chicken but they also host rotating blue plate specials, pork shoulder, catfish, and other country comforts. With an order of the fried chicken, collard greens, and green chile mac and cheese, we certainly had enough food. First warm, cheddar biscuits were placed on the table, neatly swathed in a cloth towel to delver warm, flakey airy biscuits that were a great start to the meal.

Let’s talk about that bird: The fried chicken is gluten free but the only indication of this was possibly the slightly thicker breading, probably from some sort of flax seed versus flour. The breading was perfectly crunchy and had a great texture. The chicken was moist and served with three different sauces for optimal flavor enhancement. Whether you wanted to kick your chicken up a notch with a jalapeño sauce or keep it mellow, smokey, and tangy with a classic Carolina, the kitchen had you covered.

Let’s talk sides: The collard greens were a bit lackluster and were bitter. However, the mac and cheese was awesome. The green chile added a great pop of flavor and the dish was creamy and very rich. I can’t forget to mention the whoopie pies we had for dessert which were equally as decadent as the mac and cheese. The cake was a perfect fudgy devil’s food cake that was so moist it almost melted in your mouth.

To the nitty, gritty fine details: The service was only rocky due to the crowdedness of the restaurant but servers were exceptionally friendly. We even got a personal visit from the restaurant manager who was eager to hear how our food was and recommend her favorite chicken dipping sauce. The prices at The Post are another aspect that truly blew me away. Our whole dinner with two beers, large sized sides, and dessert was about $40, and this was for two greedy people, meaning you could have even served three for that small fee. The Post Brewing Company might have proven worth the drive from Boulder for real, authentic comfort food, a scarcity around the kale munching, kombucha drinking town.

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