Coffee Shop Review #10 Wormhole Coffee

This windy city coffee shop will blow you away, delightful gusts of praise out of 5.

Location-5(Browse through any recent post on my blog and you will see I am buzzing about Wicker Park and Wormhole Coffee lies at the heart of all the goodness on N. Milwaukee amidst records shops, thrift stores, and all sorts of other delightful wonders. The coffee shop is open from 7am to 11pm so it accrues all sorts of interesting  people to eye as you sip your espresso).

Barista Cuteness-4.5(The baristas are certainly handsome at the Wormhole and will even periodically clear off your empty dishes after you have finished munching and sipping).

Coffee Knowledge/Selection-4.5(I’m going to dock Wormhole Coffee a half a point for only having one roaster on the menu while I was there but beyond this small critique, the selection was superb. The cafe housed 5 rotating single origins prepared with 4 different brewing methods, really quite impressive.The different pours served as a strong indicator that the staff knew coffee, and knew how each coffee would be best served. I first got an Ethiopian Guji from Halfwit Roasters, which was extremely good, a little lighter than the Yirgacheffe but still holding on to lots of rich flavors that were more on the fruity side.  After an initial eye-roll when asked what size I wanted my cappuccino to be, I promptly got over it when after answering “for here, small” the barista affirmed my choice with an “excellent, traditional”. The cappuccino was rich and robust which was very nice and adorned with some classic and beautiful latte art).


Ambiance-5(At the Wormhole there is a very cozy and quaint atmosphere that feels very intimate and inviting. Old movie posters are pasted on the wall along with a row of collectable lunch boxes and other kitschy items. The coffee shop has mismatched thrifted couches, chairs and tables, which are basically essential to creating a hip and authentic feel. There is ample seating to recline and relax but also a cool line of stools at a wooden bar peering in at the espresso machine front lines and chemex crafting artisans).

Pastry/Food selection-5(The baked good case is small but mighty in Wicker Park at the Wormhole and has an exceptional array of donuts, croissants, tarts, and other tempting items. Treats are made by Fritz Pastry and they know what they are doing when it comes to an almond croissant. Fritz also has it going on when it comes to the exotic doughnuts. While the French Toast Doughnut was probably too sweet for one, when appropriately shared by two it gives you just the right sugar buzz).

Overall Rating: 4.8


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