Blustery Blizzard Bites Part 2: Warm Up with Spicy Thai and Hearty Greek Food

In a city like Chicago or New York it is critical to suss out the great, authentic, ethnic restaurants that the city has to offer. After many trips to Chicago I cannot recommend Andy’s Thai Kitchen and Mythos Greek Taverna more highly. Hitting up these two spots during the freezing temperatures also physically warmed the soul, which was an additional advantage.

Andy’s Thai Kitchen serves up classic Thai food but doesn’t ask the irksome question “how spicy do you want it?” The dishes are prepared as they should be-filled with lots of spice and refreshing lemongrass or other citrus to create a great balance between heat that doesn’t blow out your palette and zesty taste. ATK is a small, BYOB restaurant so the atmosphere is cozy and festive. Beyond the must gets, such as one of the delicious curries, Pad Thai, and Larb Kai, the Chef’s Choice Kao Soy is an exceptional noodle dish. Other non-traditional dishes that are worth branching out for our Sai Krog Isaan (Thai pork sausage) and Pork Neck which is prepared similarly to Japanese Hibachi grilled meats.

Mythos Greek Taverna is one of the best Greek restaurants I have ever been to and good Greek food is very hard to come by. Mythos is run by two sisters-the “wicked” (raunchy, front of the house) sister and the “good” (sweet, head chef) sister. The two sisters run a very authentic kitchen and when you are it Mythos it feels like you are sitting down at an old friend’s for a dinner party. The Pastichio is absolutely out of this world and sells out quick so you have to make sure you get there at a reasonable hour. I have experienced the tragic absence of this dish and it is not fun.


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