Falling in Love or Lust

What is the difference between love and lust? It is a beautiful thing when they fall in one person and detrimental when they belong in two. We compartmentalize many things but is the body and soul meant to be severed so? It is hard to imagine a yearning, pain for one’s flesh without a desire for their mind but it does seem to happen. Why? Well, some can detach these two thoughts—separate them like splitting the ends of a thread. While others, always knit them together in an intricate design. We long to find our compatible person who enters these two things in a similar instant. However, it seems it takes far more time to fall in love than to lust after someone. We easily crave things and wish not to deprive ourselves but embracing vulnerability when we fall in love is so much more difficult. For some. For others, it is actually the craving that is ceaseless and far more painful than the love because it inhibits the other. If one is lusting over someone different than they are falling in love with, how can the spell be broken? This endless searching for that physical ideal or compatibility leads the hands and body to seek others while the head and heart linger. It seems a delicate, almost beautiful circle but in the end, will need to be resolved or one of the halves will split apart. Splintering away into tiny pieces and it is usually the one loved who gets hurt and lost. The loved one must dash off, leaping away from their partner’s warped mirror of lust because when they gaze upon that reflection, it is someone else that they see.


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